Daniel Lukito
Business Development Coach
Founder of Jordan Group
Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015
A CFP Certified - Financial Planner
A BNSP Certified - Assessor of Competence
A BNSP Certified - Competence Based Training Trainer
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Jumala Multazam
Breakthrough Coach
Creator of CTC Techniques
Division Secretary of PT. Telkom Regional Jateng & DIY
Chairman of Yayasan Alam ArRidho Foundation
Founder Of Visi Sukses Indonesia
NFNLP Trainer
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Guruh Taufan
Communication Specialist
Founder of Micro Expressions School
International Statement Analysis Lie Detector
International Paul Ekman’s Micro Expressions
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Efendi Ng
Sales & Profit Specialist
Founder of Success Business Group
Creator of TranceSELLING
Book Writer
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Ariawan Sarkam
Corporate Support
Real Estate Developer
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